Charity Auction Reservation


Zindler’s Sports Collectibles is a sport memorabilia company that provides charitable organizations an effective way to increase revenue by adding a silent or live auction to an existing event. We supply you with top quality items on consignment.  Each item comes packaged ready to display and we suggest an opening bid for each item that guarantees you a profit.   No previous auction experience is needed.  Your auction items can be chosen to fit your charity’s geographic and price objectives.  Best of all, your organization is not responsible for any unsold merchandise.  Call or e-mail us today and let us help you raise additional funds for your organization risk free.

To reserve items for your auction:

1) On the horizontal bar near the top of the web page, select My Account then select the Register option.

2) Fill in the information requested including a Username and Password.

3) Select a Sport and then you can select a subcategory to view.

4) Alternately, if you are looking for a specific item, team, player, use the Search feature on the right hand side of the web page.

5) After selecting a category, you can also use the "Sort by" feature to sort items Alphabetical, Price (Highest to Lowest), Price (Lowest to Highest) and Newest to System (to see any recently items we have added).

6) As you find items that you want to include in your auction, add them to your Cart.

7) When finished, Checkout.

8) You will be taken thru screens as if you are going to purchase the items, but fear not. One of the payment options is Charity Auction Reservation. Select that option. Don't be concerned about shipping methods and charges or sales tax as they will not apply to charity auction reservations. After placing your order, we will then reserve the items for your auction and deliver them to you in advance of the event -or- work with you to include them in your on-line auction .

9) In the event you need to change your order later, you can login to your account, access your order and modify it.

By choosing the Printable Version of an item, you can supplement your bid sheets with the item price (opening minimum bid) and a description of the item.

>Call or e-mail us so we can put together a package for you that will aid your charity in raising additional funds.